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DONATIONS:: "Jeremy" Shout Outs - Round 6

ROUND 6 - Donation Shout Outs!

Watch the video to see our Sixth Round of Social Media Shout outs for the contributors who earned a perk! WE HAVE $6,997 TO RAISE TO HIT OUR GOAL OF $10K!

Catch up on all things #JeremyTheShortFilm HERE!

Jeremy, a local drug dealer, meets Chris, a local successful business man. They start to develop a close bond, until Jeremy's loyalty to his roots are tested when he's forced to participate in a home invasion, the victims being the family of his newly found mentor.

HUGE THANKS to the following Contributors to our film:

Qadriyyah Rashid
Dorothy Thompson
Insurament LLC
Johanne Higdon
Deanna Chandler
Jeremy Biggers
Adrienne Lister
Stephanie Jones
Marvette DeCluette
Rodney Smith

THANK YOU so much for your DONATIONS!
There were other contributors who donated that earned a THANK YOU credit in the film and on IMDb!  We appreciate all contributions and look forward to creating a wonderful film!

If you feel compelled to DONATE to our production as we continue in devel…

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